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Lizette Woodworth REESE…A Haunting Memory…   Leave a comment

lizwooree_02Pentru Mama…

Lizette Woodworth Reese – A Haunting Memory…

Wild rockets blew along the lane;
The tall white gentians too were there;
The mullein stalks were brave again;
Of blossoms was the bramble bare;
And toward the pasture bars below
The cows went by me, tinkling slow.

Straight through the sunset flew a thrush,
And sang the only song he knew,
Perched on a ripening elder bush;
(Oh, but to give his song its due!)
Sang it, and ceased, and left it there
To haunt bush, blade, and golden air.

Oh, but to make it plain to you!
My words were wrought for grosser stuff;
To give that lonely tune its due,
Never a word is sweet enough;
A thing to think on when ‘twas past,
As is the first rose or the last.

The lad, driving his cows along,
Strode whistling through the windy grass;

The little pool the shrubs among
Lay like a bit of yellow glass;
A window in the farmhouse old,
Turned westward, was of glaring gold.

I have forgotten days and days,
And much well worth the holding fast;
Yet not the look of those green ways,
The bramble with its bloom long past,
The tinkling cows, the scent, the hush–
Still on the eider sings that thrush…


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Lizette Woodworth REESE…A Flower of Mullein…   Leave a comment


Lizette Woodworth Reese – A Flower of Mullein…

I am too near, too clear a thing for you,
A flower of mullein in a crack of wall,
The villagers half see, or not at all;
Part of the weather, like the wind or dew.
You love to pluck the different, and find
Stuff for your joy in cloudy loveliness;
You love to fumble at a door, and guess
At some strange happening that may wait behind.

Yet life is full of tricks, and it is plain,
That men drift back to some worn field or roof,
To grip at comfort in a room, a stair;
To warm themselves at some flower down a lane:
You, too, may long, grown tired of the aloof,
For the sweet surety of the common air...

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Zaharia STANCU…Unii-mi Spun Ca Esti Inca Frumoasa…   Leave a comment

zs_11Pentru Abis1957

Zaharia Stancu – Unii-mi Spun Ca Esti Inca Frumoasa…

Unii-mi spun ca esti inca frumoasa
Eu nu te mai vad azi in nici-un fel
Altadata vietuiam in coliba
Si visam ca traim in castel

Poti sa ma duci intr-o vale adanca
Si sa-mi spui ca ma porti pe campie
Ori despre-un crang de marunte vlastare
Sa-mi spui ca-i o batrana vlasie

Nu stiu in ce parte se afla apusul
Nici rasaritul incotro vine
Unii-mi spun cu cat esti mai orb
Cu-atat lumea o vezi mai bine

Nu-mi mai vad nici macar mainile
Cand le duc la gura sa mi le musc
Altadata ocheam Steaua Polara
Si trageam in ea s-o impusc…

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Zaharia STANCU…Slavi…   Leave a comment

zs_10Pentru Abis1957

Zaharia Stancu – Slavi…

Am ridicat spre cer împreunate mâini,
Si Dumnezeu în noapte mi-a fost atât de aproape,
Ca slava i-am cules-o în ulcioare, din fântâni,
Si i-am sfârmat cu plâns luceferii-ntre pleoape…

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